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BNI Minnesota & Northern Wisconsin
PO Box 390405
Minneapolis, MN 55439

Phone: 612-664-9500
Fax: 952-920-6496


Every year during Member Extravaganza! we take the normal activities that help BNI chapters grow and turn them into a game. Most chapters will schedule at least one growth event at their chapter during this time. In addition, social events and other chapter activities are often planned to help increase member’s social capital and influence in their community.

The goal of Member Extravaganza! is chapter growth. To qualify for prizes, it's all about adding six (6) or more new members to your chapter!

A Qualifying Chapter is any chapter in the BNI Minnesota & Northern Wisconsin region that adds a total of six (6) or more new members to their chapter during the 2017 Member Extravaganza! Remember, new member applications must be dated April 3 thru June 2, 2017.*

Applications with payment must be received by the regional office on or before June 20, 2017. Sponsors name must be included on the application. Winners will be announced on July 3, 2017!


Meet Dr. Ivan Misner!

All Qualifying Chapters in the BNI Minnesota & Northern Wisconsin region will have the opportunity to personally meet BNI's founder Dr. Ivan Misner during a special breakout when you attend the regional 20-Year Anniversary Party on October 6, 2017. Qualifying Chapters will also be given the opportunity to take a team photo with their chapter members, Dr. Ivan Misner and Nancy Giacomuzzi.


Win $1,000!

For every new member you sponsor into a Qualifying Chapter in the BNI Minnesota & Northern Wisconsin region during the 2017 Member Extravaganza!, you will be entered into a drawing for a chance to Win $1,000!

The more new members you sponsor, the more chances you have to win!


Chapter Marketing Materials

CLICK HERE to access and download this year's Member Extravaganza! marketing materials. Work with your graphic designer and/or printer to customize the documents for your chapter's event.

  • Member Extravaganza! Event Coordinator Manual (.pdf)
  • Member Extravaganza! Member Handbook (.pdf)
  • Invitation Letter (.doc)
  • Invitation Business Card (.pdf)
  • Invitation Postcard (.pdf)
  • Visitor Day Ticket (.pdf)
  • TYFCB Check (.pdf)
  • 8.5x11 Marketing Poster (.pdf)
  • 11x17 Marketing Poster (.pdf)
  • A6 size Thank You Cards - two versions (.pdf)

Have fun and happy networking!


*Member transfers will not count toward the total number of new members. New chapters that charter during Member Extravaganza! must have 30 members to qualify. Other restrictions may apply.