Leadership Team Elect

  Leadership Team Elect Documents

Please complete the following before September 1, 2018.

Step 1  Submit your Application (click on your role) Due by July 15th

  1. President Application
  2. Vice President Application
  3. Secretary/Treasurer Application

Step 2 Register for Leadership Transition Roundtable in August  - Due July 31st (seating is limited register early)

Step 3 Register for Leadership Training in September - Due Sept 1

Step 4 Submit Your Chapter Support Team Roles  Due August 1

  1. President submits Visitor Host, Education Coordinator, Growth Coordinator, Webmaster.
  2. Vice President submits Membership Committee, Mentor Coordinator
  3. Secretary/Treasurer submits Event Coordinator

Step 5 Evaluate Your Chapter Due Sept 1

Step 6 Optional: Complete Online Leadership Team Training on BNI University If you would like to complete the BNI University Training for Leadership Teams please email support@bnimn.com and we will give you access to the course. This year is a pilot year for regions that would like to participate. Your feedback about the training will be requested and is appreciated.

Step 7 Submit Chapter Goals Sept 1 (Work with your current Leadership Team& Director Consultant and Leadership Team Elect to develop the right goals and strategy for your chapter) Only one set of goals per chapter. 


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