Member Traffic Lights

Member Traffic Lights are used to recognize BNI members who excel in the following activities:

  • Attendance
  • Referrals Given
  • Visitors
  • One-to-Ones
  • Chapter Education Units (CEUs)

Not only are members recognized monthly, but those who are Green Light Members for all 12 calendar months receive a special recognition lanyard.

Congratulations to Our Current Green Light Members!



Absolute Connections Beth Lasseter 7
Absolute Connections Eva Norman 7
Absolute Connections Sandra Amyotte 7
Absolute Connections Kimberly Nybo 7
Absolute Connections Arlyce Cleveland 7
Absolute Connections Brad Molskness 7
Absolute Connections Suzanne Erkel 7
Absolute Connections Chris LaMott 7
Absolute Connections Ann Sievers 7
Absolute Connections Julie Hamilton 7
Absolute Connections Ben Harris 7
Absolute Connections Jason Waldron 7
Absolute Connections Jill Goldstein 7
Absolute Connections Todd Johantgen 7
Absolute Connections Randy Grabau 7
Absolute Connections Anthony Watts 7
Absolute Connections Jason Schroeck 7
Absolute Connections Mark Laubersheimer 7
Absolute Connections Britney Engler 7
Absolute Connections Steffany Fleming 7
Advantage Business Connections Brian Leonard 7
All About Action Michelle Jasinski 7
Breakfast Club Nathan Servey 7
Business Builders Scott Hansen 7
Business Builders Laura Abernathy 7
Chain Reaction Richard Edel 7
Chippewa Valley Stefanie Pusateri 7
Chippewa Valley Nicolle Wilson 7
Cities Business Alliance Gloria Russell 7
Cities Business Alliance Cheri Jackson 7
Cities Business Alliance Shane Setzer 7
Cities Business Alliance Carol Miller 7
Cities Business Alliance Tim Kindem 7
Cities Business Alliance Joshua Peters 7
Cloud City Achievers Amanda LaFrance 7
Connect 4 Success Jenelle Boyce 7
Connect 4 Success Rick Schwab 7
Connect 4 Success Michael Mueller 7
Creating Connections Julee Johnson 7
Creating Connections Jessica Linde 7
Dream Team Dawn Garcia 7
Dream Team Mike Phillips 7
Duluth Area Professionals Michelle Wall 7
Dynamic Referrals Terry Kinney 7
Dynamic Referrals Brent Liila 7
Dynamic Referrals Calvin Smith 7
Elite Business Professionals Jeff Nies 7
Elite Business Professionals Justin Evenson 7
Executive Referrals Patrick McNamara 7
Face 2 Face Joe Murphy 7
Field of Riches Barry Bicanich 7
Fireside Laura Estenson 7
Fireside Anita Motolinia 7
Fireside Alan Beck 7
Fireside Kimberly Hanlon 7
Fireside Robin Johnson 7
Fireside Jayne Morrison 7
Fireside Brandon Olson 7
Fireside Karinne Tarshish 7
Fireside Steve Johnson 7
Fireside Mike Pahl 7
Fireside Monty Moran 7
Fireside Amy Juntunen 7
Fireside Anne L'Esperance 7
Fireside Cathy Waldhauser 7
Forest Lake Stev Stegner 7
Forest Lake Tony Chiappetta 7
Full Circle Sarah Brynteson 7
Full Circle Lynn Chheang 7
Great River Referrals DeAnn Motter 7
Greater Eau Claire Kirk Boettcher 7
Highlanders Megan Allen 7
Infinity Tess Vergara 7
Integrity Amy Horne 7
Integrity Fred LeVoir 7
Integrity Nancy Ritzman 7
Integrity Sandra Larson 7
Integrity Susan Kaulbars 7
Integrity Hal Tiffany 7
Integrity Heidi O'Donnell 7
Integrity Kevin Mendel 7
Integrity Leaders Network LeAnn Lyon 7
Intentional Excellence Ronai Brumett 7
Intentional Excellence Tara Schmakel 7
Intentional Excellence Tonya Peterson 7
Lake Superior Kevin O'Brien 7
Lake Superior Jennifer Maki 7
Lake Superior Chani Ninneman 7
Lake Superior Oliver Kelsey 7
Lakeside Networkers Taylor Schuette 7
Lakeside Networkers Jodi Theis 7
Lasting Impressions David Zicopula 7
Lasting Impressions Crystal Williams 7
Lasting Impressions Lana Anderson 7
Leaders Edge Suz Pohl 7
Leads to Success Curtis Smith 7
Manitou Referrals Tom Bulger 7
Me2U Referrals Samantha Jean 7
Med City Marketers Mary Kuehn 7
Med City Marketers Sandy Haddick 7
Metro Marketing Masters Sama Ali-Berchem 7
Metro Marketing Masters Sher Nyquist 7
Money Makers Jeremy Ackerson 7
Money Makers Jarid Finstuen 7
Morning Star Randy Edge 7
Morning Star Donald James 7
Morning Star Casey Larson 7
Morning Star Steve Furlong 7
Mountain Climbers Josh Hoper 7
Mountain Climbers Vicky Matson 7
Northwest Suburban Terry Cox 7
Northwest Suburban Al Ancheta 7
Northwest Suburban Steve Eckes 7
Northwest Suburban Mark Zubert 7
Northwest Suburban Bruce Bowman 7
Northwest Suburban Jarrod Peterson 7
Omega Theresa Decker 7
Omega Shannon Starry 7
Opportunity Plus Referrals Michelle Eddy 7
Pinnacle Referrals Amy Lauria 7
Powerhouse Partners Todd Rabell-O'Halloran 7
Premier Professionals Brad Hanson 7
Premier Professionals Michael Sandness 7
Premier Professionals Michael Beach 7
Premier Professionals Josh Smith 7
Premier Professionals Tyler Mattson 7
Premier Professionals Leslie Vanderwerf 7
Premier Professionals Andreya Tornes 7
Premier Professionals Luke Williams 7
Prime Connections Jared Yount 7
Prime Connections Ian Jura-Baum 7
Prime Connections Thomas Ahles 7
Priority Networkers Mary Jo Johnson 7
Priority Networkers Andrew Scrivener 7
Professional Edge Morgan Maule 7
Professional Edge Chris Patterson 7
Professional Edge Matthew Bjorgum 7
Quarry Connections Matthew Head 7
Quarry Connections Walter Peck 7
Quarry Connections Jason Walker 7
Quarry Connections Rebecca Peterson 7
Quarry Connections Abigail Laudenbach 7
Rapid Referral Jennifer Raushel 7
Rapid Referral Wendy Uzelac 7
Rapid Referral Lilah Crowe 7
Referral Masters Maija Norwood 7
River City Valerie Kern 7
River City Erica Thompson 7
River City Leah Pudlick 7
River City Megan Johnson 7
River City Gloria Vande Brake 7
Riverbend Networking Christopher Ward 7
Riverbend Networking Tiffany Ward 7
Riverbend Networking Clark Diel 7
Riverbend Networking Cuong Huynh 7
Riverbend Networking Tiffany Meyer 7
Riverbend Networking Josh Cosens 7
Rum River Referrals Pam Sikkink 7
Rum River Referrals Jennifer Neumann 7
Runestone Referrals Todd Emmons 7
Shoreline Connections Megan Kruger 7
Shoreline Connections Steven Heil 7
South Metro Ben Theis 7
South Metro Colleen Schultz 7
Southwest Metro Liz Rosenberg 7
Southwest Metro Tammy Carlson 7
STAR Partners Lisa K. Rasmussen 7
STAR Partners Shane Modrow 7
STAR Partners Lee Schlosser 7
STAR Partners Tim Pivec 7
STAR Partners Elizabeth Graunke 7
STAR Partners Arnie Wentland 7
STAR Partners LeAnn Sather 7
Tracks To Success Joe Gruenes 7
Wednesday Morning Originals Tasha Barrett 7
Wednesday Morning Originals Rachel Schmidt 7
Westwinds Stacia Christenson 7
Westwinds Philip Ruce 7
Winners Circle Tracy Bergland 7
Winners Circle Diane Napper 7
Winners Circle Nathan Windschitl 7
Wood City Meggan Ranta 7
Wood City Paul Johnston 7
Wright Connections Sherry Dahmen 7
Zenith City Business Builders Jason Jauhola 7
Zumbro Valley Mark Nelson 7

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