Leadership Team Elect

Congratulations on Being Selected to Lead Your Chapter! 

In your role, you will help ensure the health and continued growth of your chapter for the success of all members. There are 6 Steps  that are required for you to assume your role. Please read each section below carefully and use the links to find/submit documents and to register for roundtables and training. 


 Helpful Documents

Use the link below to find the following documents that will assist you in preparing for your role:

  • Support Team Role Sign-Up Sheet (.doc)
  • Chapter Slate (.xls)
  • Top 10 Ways to Grow Your Chapter (.pdf)

Leadership Team Elect Documents

Step 1 - Submit Your Application

Due Jul. 15 

Just like your membership, your Leadership Team role requires an application to ensure that you understand the expectations and that you agree to abide by them. Use the link below for your role.

President Application

Vice President Application

Secretary/Treasurer Application


Step 2 - Register for Leadership Transition Roundtable in August

Incoming Leadership Teams tell us, year after year, that they have a better experience during the year when they attend a Leadership Transition Rountable with thieir current Leadership Team, so be sure to coordinate your schedules. 

Register for Leadership Transition Roundtable in August 


Step 3 - Register for Online Leadership Training in September

Due Sept. 1


Step 4 - Submit Your Chapter Support Team Roles

Due Aug. 1

Use the documents in the Leadership Team Elect Documents link, above, to help identify your Support Team roles, then use the link below to submit them to the Regional Office.

Submit Support Team Roles


Step 5 -  Complete Online Leadership Team Training on BNI University 

You will be assigned some online training on BNI University to prepare you for our online Leadership Training sessions. This will help you have some basic information about the role and will allow online training to be more effective and interactive since we won't have to cover the basic information.




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