Member Traffic Lights

Member Traffic Lights are used to recognize BNI members who excel in the following activities:

  • Attendance
  • Referrals Given
  • Visitors
  • One-to-Ones
  • Chapter Education Units (CEUs)

Not only are members recognized monthly, but those who are Green Light Members for all 12 calendar months receive a special recognition lanyard.

We had 1,014 Members Operating in the Green in August!

Congratulations to the Following Members Operating in the Green Every Month Since Jan. 2019!

Chapter Member Name
Absolute Connections Arlyce Cleveland
Absolute Connections Ben Harris
Absolute Connections Beth Lasseter
Absolute Connections Bob Byrnes
Absolute Connections Bob Davis
Absolute Connections Brad Link
Absolute Connections Brad Molskness
Absolute Connections Chris LaMott
Absolute Connections Jack Pettengill
Absolute Connections Jason Waldron
Absolute Connections Jill Goldstein
Absolute Connections Jim Lindquist
Absolute Connections Kimberly Nybo
Absolute Connections Lois Coffee Koffi
Absolute Connections Mark Laubersheimer
Absolute Connections Rick Olek
Absolute Connections Steffany Fleming
Absolute Connections Suzanne Erkel
Absolute Connections Todd Johantgen
Advantage Business Connections Brian Leonard
All About Action Michelle Jasinski
Better Business Builders Heather Teigen
Better Business Builders Lisa Humfeld-Wilson
Business Builders Peg Malanaphy
Business Builders Robert Rysgaard
Business Builders Stacy Risch
Business Connectors Nicole Bangasser
Chain Reaction Andy Gansmoe
Chippewa Valley Stefanie Pusateri
Cities Business Alliance Cheri Jackson
Cities Business Alliance Gloria Russell
Cities Business Alliance Jeremy Dobson
Cities Business Alliance Joshua Peters
Cities Business Alliance Shane Setzer
Cities Business Alliance Tim Kindem
Cloud City Achievers Dana Fischer
Cloud City Achievers Jeremy Forsell
Connect 4 Success Jenelle Boyce
Connect 4 Success Michael Mueller
Connections Unlimited Jim Earley
Connections With Class Jeremy Salzbrun
Connections With Class Marc Van Herr
Core Connections Nyles Schwardt
Core Connections Pam Odenbrett
Creating Connections Jessica Linde
Creating Connections Julee Johnson
Creating Connections Karla Marshall
Dynamic Referrals Anthony Brinda
Dynamic Referrals Terry Kinney
Elite Business Professionals Jeff Nies
Executive Referrals Brad Torgerson
Face 2 Face Joe Murphy
Fireside Alan Beck
Fireside Jayne Morrison
Fireside Karinne Tarshish
Fireside Paul Moon
Fireside Robin Johnson
Forest Lake Monica King
Forest Lake Stev Stegner
Forest Lake Tony Chiappetta
Forest Lake Tracey Faschingbauer
Highlanders David Rakowczyk
Highlanders Eunice Neubauer
Highlanders Mel Krug
Highlanders Rachel Schromen
Integrity Amy Horne
Integrity Chesney Engquist
Integrity Deb Stensland
Integrity Fred LeVoir
Integrity Jeannine Burnett
Integrity Kyle Warren
Integrity Sandra Larson
Integrity Leaders Network Holly Bloom
Integrity Leaders Network Jeff Riegle
Integrity Leaders Network Molly Wold
Integrity Leaders Network Nicole Haapala
Integrity Leaders Network Rebecca Speed
Intentional Excellence Alicia Kopp
Intentional Excellence Megan Kruger
Intentional Excellence Molly King
Intentional Excellence Ronai Brumett
Lake Country Connections Albie Kuschel
Lake Country Connections Nate Moritz
Lake Superior Bernard Mccarthy
Lake Superior Charlie Deville
Lake Superior Kevin O'Brien
Lake Superior Oliver Kelsey
Lake Superior Spencer Miller
Lake Superior Travis McColley
Chapter Member Name
Lakeside Networkers Jacklyn Hayes
Lakeside Networkers Jennifer Kaeding
Lakeside Networkers Jodi Theis
Lakeside Networkers Lindsey Sabean
Lakeside Networkers Shelley Jagow
Lasting Impressions Jessica Hoch
Lasting Impressions Josh Heriot
Leads to Referrals Bob Hill
Leads to Success Debra Miller
Leads to Success Nichole Rakow
Manitou Referrals Brandon Crowley
Med City Marketers Mary Kuehn
Metro Marketing Masters Karl Bollfrass
Metro Marketing Masters Melissa Skarphol
Metro Marketing Masters Sama Ali-Berchem
Metro Marketing Masters Sher Nyquist
Money Makers Jarid Finstuen
Morning Star Casey Larson
Morning Star Randy Edge
Mountain Climbers Josh Hoper
Network Masters Sonya Tourville
Northwest Suburban Alan Coleman
Northwest Suburban Jon Morphew
Northwest Suburban Mark A. Skipper
Northwest Suburban Terry Cox
Omega Melvin Niska
Omega Rod Mysliwiec
Omega Shannon Starry
Opportunity Plus Referrals John Schwartz
Opportunity Plus Referrals Lisa Snyder
Owatonna Business Networkers Annette Duncan
Owatonna Business Networkers Lori Arnold
Platinum Professionals Mark Madsen
Powerhouse Partners Tom Larsen
Premier Professionals Amy Dwyer
Premier Professionals Kathie Boe
Premier Professionals Leslie Vanderwerf
Premier Professionals Semira Mundt
Premier Professionals Tyler Mattson
Premier Professionals Wendy Radermacher
Prime Connections Caitlin Stifter-Hennen
Prime Connections Dash Leander
Prime Connections Susan Bonne
Priority Networkers Andrew Scrivener
Priority Networkers Mary Jo Johnson
Professional Edge Desiree Brazelton
Professional Edge M. Chapin Hall
Professional Edge Peter Thaldorf
Professional Referral Team Andi Bobick
Professional Referral Team Eileen Theisen
Professionals 4 Success Brent Busch
Quarry Connections Debbie Clausen
Quarry Connections Jason Walker
Quarry Connections Matthew Head
Rapid Referral Jennifer Raushel
Rapid Referral Wendy Uzelac
Real Connections Shane Desmet
Red Hot Referrals Monica Fry
Red Hot Referrals Stacey Owens
Referral Masters Maija Norwood
Riverbend Networking Clark Diel
Riverbend Networking Tiffany Meyer
Rum River Referrals Jeff Cheney
Rum River Referrals Pam Sikkink
Runestone Referrals Todd Emmons
South Metro Amber Weingart
South Metro Colleen Schultz
South Metro Don Hoffer
South Metro Jennifer Edlund
South Metro Mark Carlson
South Metro Mike Schon
South Metro Scott Henstein
STAR Partners Lisa K. Rasmussen
Success Masters Alice Pallum
Tri County Referrals Anna Giedd
Ultimate Networking Blaine Stephens
Ultimate Networking Lisa Carpentier
Ultimate Networking Sandra Amyotte
Wednesday Morning Originals Kelly Engstrom
Wednesday Morning Originals Tasha Barrett
Wednesday Morning Originals William Erickson
Westwinds Jim Wahl
Winners Circle Diane Napper
Winners Circle Mary Pauly
Winners Circle Tracy Bergland
Wood City Nicole Milberger
Wright Connections Sherry Dahmen
Zenith City Business Builders Andrew Sterneman
Zumbro Valley LuAnn Buechler

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